Friday, February 5, 2010

QUEEN discography U.S. LP

Elektra EKS 75064
September 4, 1973

Queen II
Elektra EKS 75082
April 9, 1974

Sheer Heart Attack
Elektra 7E-1026
November 12, 1974

A Night At The Opera
Elektra 7E-1053
December 2, 1975

A Day At The Races
Elektra 6E-101
December 18, 1976

News Of The World
Elektra 6E-112
November 1, 1977

Elektra 6E-166
November 14, 1978

Live Killers
Elektra BB-702
June 26 1979

The Game
Elektra 5E-513
June 30, 1980

Flash Gordon
Elektra 5E-518
January 27, 1981

Greatest Hits
Elektra 5E-564
November 3, 1981

A Night At The Opera (Mobile Fidelity LP)
Mobile Fidelity MFSL -067

Hot Space
Elektra E1-60128
May 25, 1982

The Works
Capitol ST-12322
February 28, 1984

Queen Collection 15 Of The Best
Warner NU-3210

A Kind Of Magic
Capitol SMAS 512476
June 3, 1986

The Game (Mobile Fidelity LP)
Mobile Fidelity MFSL-211

Made In Heaven (Ivory vinyl pressed in U.K.)
Hollywood HR 62017-1
November 7, 1995

A Day At The Races (Mobile Fidelity LP)
Mobile Fidelity MFSL-256

Hollywood Records Vinyl Remasters
October 28, 2008
Queen II D000261801
Sheer Heart Attack D000261901
A Night At The Opera D000262001
A Day At The Races D000262101

September 1, 2009
Queen D000436301
News Of The World D000436401
Flash Gordon D000436501
A Kind Of Magic D000436601
Innuendo D000436701

April/May 2010
The Game
Hot Space
Made In Heaven

October/November 2010
The Works
The Miracle

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